Mennonite Archives of Virginia

A Cooperative Repository of Shenandoah Valley Mennonite Historians, Virginia Mennonite Conference Historical Committee and Archives, and Eastern Mennonite School archives

Mennonite Archives of Virginia provides access, visibility, and description to photos about Mennonites in Virginia and surrounding states, USA.  Mennonite Archives of Virginia reveals history, faith, churches, institutions, and Mennonite cultural life in Virginia, primarily through photos.  This archive also provides a means of preserving print photos from loss and deterioration through long-term digital storage. 

A digitized online repository, Mennonite Archives of Virginia includes scanned and born-digital photos from institutional archives, family collections, and individual contributors, and provides a way for visitors to contribute information, comments, and tags to the photos.

Photos of Mennonites in Virginia or surrounding regions are welcome to this digital repository.  Once the photos are scanned the owner keeps the original print copies.  Digital photos from recent years are also welcome.  To contribute photos of Mennonite life, history, or families, or for more information contact Elwood Yoder at Eastern Mennonite High School, 801 Parkwood Drive, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 22802, or by e-mail at

Photos are welcome for Mennonite Archives of Virginia repository based on these criteria:
  • photos of Mennonite church buildings, past and present
  • photos of Mennonite family and cultural life, past and present
  • photos of Mennonite church and conference life
  • collections of photos from individual or family albums
  • photos that show the natural landscape or geographical setting of Mennonites in Virginia
  • photos of Mennonites in surrounding states, especially those connected with Virginia Mennonite Conference
Sponsoring Groups:
  • Shenandoah Valley Mennonite Historians started in 1994 and is an association of historians and others who produce the quarterly Shenandoah Historian, hold annual meetings, and sponsor occasional history tours;
  • The Virginia Mennonite Historical Committee overseas the Virginia Mennonite Conference Archives and conducts historical work for the Virginia Mennonite Conference; and,
  • Eastern Mennonite School sponsors this web site through the use and availability of photos from its archives of school events.
Mennonite Archives of Virginia Web-designer and host:

Elwood Yoder teaches history and Bible at Eastern Mennonite High School, Harrisonburg, Virginia.  He has written several history books and continues to do research for additional history writing projects.  Elwood's history blog is located at

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