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 2017 SMH_Summer_2017_Vol_25_No3.pdf
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Daniel M. Smucker, Jr. and Frances Yoder Smucker, by Gary Smucker
Photos of Dan and Frances Smucker
 2017 SMH_Spring_2017_Vol_25_No2.pdf
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The Tragic Loss of Jacob A. Shenk and Melvin Weaver, by Geraldine W. Rush and James L. Rush
Photos of Melvin and Miriam Weaver and Jacob and Lucy Shenk
 2017  SMH_Winter_2017_Vol_25_No1.pdf
4.2 MB
The Quiet Drivers of America, by Maxwell Driver
Elizabeth Shank Showalter, by Linden Showalter
Book Review: The Influence of Music, by Evan K. Knappenberger
Historians Annual Meeting
Virginia Mennonite Conference History Book Project
Old Order Mennonite History Tour, September 2016
 2016  SMH_Autumn_2016_Vol_24_No4.pdf
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The Virginia Mennonite, reprint, by Grace Showalter
Mennonites in Today's Virginia, by Sheldon "Pete" Burkholder
The Accomplishments of George R. Brunk II, by Braden Brunk
Upper Room Revival, by Elwood Yoder
 2016 SMH_Summer_2016_Vol_24_No3.pdf
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Influence of Daniel and Magdalene Lehman Family in Virginia, by Harold D. Lehman
New Take on an Old War: Valley Mennonites and the Lingering Consequences of the Civil War, by Evan Knappenberger
Armed with Courage, The Story of Christian Good, Reviewed by Rachel Knappenberger
Riverside Mennonite Church: Now the Riverside Appalachian Gospel Church, by Glendon Blosser
 2016  SMH_Spring_2016_Vol_24_No2.pdf
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Showalter Heritage Family Tour in Europe, by Jan Suter Showalter
The Historian's Trade, a tribute to James O. Lehman, by Elwood Yoder
What to send to VMC Archives, by Harold O. Lehman
Book Review of A Tribute to Oma Wenger Bowman and Her Wenger Ancestors, by Evan Knappenberger
 2016  SMH_Winter_2016_Vol_24_No1.pdf
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Augusta County Churches, by Elwood Yoder
Singing Revivals in Brunk Brothers Tent Revivals, by Gerald R. Brunk
Virginia Mennonite History Book
Harmonia Sacra Singing 2016
Warwick River Tide
Shenandoah Valley Mennonite Historians Annual Meeting 2015
 2015 SMH_Autumn_2015_Vol_23_No_4.pdf
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Directory of Anabaptists in Virginia 2015
Review of Seeking Places of Peace: A Global Mennonite History, by Jim Good
Mt. Zion Amish Mennonite Church Closes, by Harvey Yoder
Reprint of 1837 Confession
Mennonite World Conference 2015
 2015 SMH_Summer_2015_Vol_23_No3.pdf
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Three Couples-One Purpose, by Paul L. Kratz
Vera's Journey Tour announcement
Photos of Mt. Hermon Mennonite Church, Stanardsville, Virginia
 2015  SMH_Spring_2015_Vol_23_No2.pdf
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Mennonite Teachers in One and Two-Room Public Schools, by Harold D. Lehman
Lambert Mennonite Church, by Glendon Blosser
Park School, by James Rush
 2015  SMH_Winter_2015_Vol_23_No1.pdf
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Book Review of Conscience in the Courtroom
Photos of Old Order Mennonite Churches in Rockingham County, Virginia
Aunt Mag Speaks from the Civil War Refugee Train
Newton M. Burkholder
SVMH Annual Meeting
EMALA Meeting report
Civil War Carved Bench
 2014 SMH_Autumn_2014_Vol_22_No4.pdf
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Sesquicentennial of the Refugee Train
Sheridan's 1864 Wagon Train, by Elwood E. Yoder
Shenandoah Refugees" October 1864, a poem by Rebecca Suter Lindsay
Emanuel Suter Family: Refugees Sent North, by Rebecca Suter Lindsay
SVMH Annual Meeting 2014
 2014 SMH_Summer_2014_Vol22_No3.pdf
2.5 MB
New Documents from Hildebrand Mennonite Church
Virginia Mennonite Conference 1873 and 1879
Hildebrand Mennonite Church photos
Lewis Shank's Confession of Faith
EMALA Meeting 2014
 2014 SMH_Vol_22_No_2.pdf
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Abraham B. Burkholder, by Sharon Burkholder Shenk
Photos of Abraham B. Burkholder
Harmonia Sacra Society: Preserving the Life and Tradition of Joseph Funk, by Stephen Lowe
 2014 SMH_Vol_22_No_1.pdf
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Overview of Historian Editors
James O. Lehman's Era as Editor
2013 Annual Meeting of Shenandoah Valley Mennonite Historians
"My Virginia Roots," by Elwood Yoder
News and Contact Information
 2013  SMH_Vol_21_No_4.pdf
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"The Mennonites," a reprinted article from the Rockingham Register, 1895, part 3
Book Reviews by James O. Lehman
 2013  SMH_Vol_21_No_3.pdf
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"The Mennonites," a reprinted article from the Rockingham Register, 1895, part 2
The 1919 Mennonite General Conference, by Harold D. Lehman
 2013 SMH_Vol_21_No_2.pdf
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 A Commentary on Jon Gehman's Sketches, by James O. Lehman
"The Mennonites," a reprinted article from the Rockingham Register, 1895, probably written by Lewis J. Heatwole
Sketches of churches from Harry A. Brunk's History of Mennonites in Virginia, Vol. I
 2013 SMH_Vol_21_No_1.pdf
0.4 MB
"Geil Experiences During the Civil War," James O. Lehman
"In Search of Geil, Gile, Coil, Kile, Kyle, Coyle, Guile and Galley Family History," by Eunice Geil Showalter
Book Review of Unionists and the Civil War, Volume VI, by James O. Lehman
 2012 SMH_Vol_20_No_4.pdf
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"Archives as Ministry?," by James O. Lehman, about Colleen McFarland
"From Faith to Flickr"
"Mennonite Archives of Virginia," by Elwood Yoder
"Virginia Mennonite Conference Votes to Become Full Member of the New Integrated Mennonite Church USA," a reprint from 2002
 2012 SMH_Vol_20_No_3.pdf
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"More on the Burkholders," by James O. Lehman
"Peter Burkholder--Three Family Questions," by Sheldon "Pete" Burkholder
 2012 SMH_Vol_20_No_2.pdf
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"LOST--But in God's Care!," by James O. Lehman
"What Early Historians Said About Virginia Mennonites," by James O. Lehman
"Showalter Family History," by Jim Rush and Jim Good
 2012 SMH_Vol_20_No_1.pdf
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"2012 Directory of Mennonites, Amish and Anabaptist Groups in Virginia," by James O. Lehman
"Burkes Garden," by James O. Lehman
"Growth of Eastside Church," by James O. Lehman
"Our Community Place," summarized from comments by Ron Copeland
 2011 SMH_Vol_19_No_4.pdf
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 "Early Page County Virginia Mennonites," by James O. Lehman
"Early Settlers and Pioneer Life in Page County, Virginia," by James O. Lehman
"What about the Elk Run Meetinghouse," by James O. Lehman
"The 1825 Virginia Schism Over Revivalism," by James O. Lehman
 2011 SMH_Vol_19_No_3.pdf
780.1 K

"Fighting Wars While Celebrating the Civil War," by James O. Lehman
"The Hildebrand Family," by James O. Lehman
"150 Years Ago: Reluctant Cooperation in the Stressful Summer of 1861," by James O. Lehman
Book review of The Bishop's Letters, by Elwood Yoder, reviewed by James O. Lehman
 2011 SMH_Vol_18_No_2.pdf
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 "The 'Dogs of War' are Loose," by James O. Lehman
"Mennonites and Slavery Before the Civil War," by James O. Lehman
"Bank Mennonite Church and Freed Slaves," by James O. Lehman
An Essay on the Marion and Ethel Coakley family heritage, by James O. Lehman
"The War Between the States Threatens in the Spring of 1861," by James O. Lehman
 2011 SMH_Vol_18_No_1.pdf
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 Peter Blosser "The Mennonite"
Page County "White House" purchase
Shenandoah Refugees: October 1864
A brief history of Winston-Salem Mennonite Fellowship, North Carolina
Report of a tour following the story of Vera's Journey, by Jim Good
"Emerging Churches" in Virginia Conference between 2003-2010
 2010 SMH_Vol_17_No_4.pdf
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 Glendon Blosser to Speak on "Oaks of Righteousness"
"Peace Oak in France"
"Windows into Martin Burkholder's Life and Witness," by James O. Lehman
"Work on Martin Burkholder's Letters," by Elwood E. Yoder
"John M. Brenneman's Call for a General Conference of American Mennonites," by James O. Lehman
Review of "We're Marching to Zion:  A History of Zion Mennonite Church, Broadway, Virginia, 1885-2010," by Elwood Yoder, reviewed by Steve Carpenter
"From Militarism to Pacifism," thoughts on peace church values, by Scott Smith
2010  SMH_Vol_17_No_3.pdf
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 "Chicago Avenue Mission Becomes Harrisonburg Mennonite Church," by Moses Slabaugh
"Chicago Avenue Mennonite Mission Becomes a Congregation/Church," by Ken Weaver
"We went to hear Billy Graham," by Moses Slabaugh
"Developments Leading to a Mission Home at Job, WV," by H. B. Keener and James O. Lehman
 2010 SMH_Vol_17_No_2.pdf
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 Celebrating the opening of the new space for Virginia Mennonite Conference Archives
Martin Burkholder's Letters, excerpts, by James O. Lehman
"Muddy Creek Meeting--House Deed, 1851," by James O. Lehman
2010 SMH_Vol_17_No_1.pdf
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 "2010 Directory of Mennonites, Amish and Anabaptist Groups in Virginia," by James O. Lehman
David A. Heatwole's journey westward over the mountains in 1868
Review of Unionists and the Civil War," by Rodes and Wenger, reviewed by James O. Lehman
Martin Burkholder Poem
Virginia Conference to Celebrate 175 Years
2009 SMH_Vol_16_No_4.pdf
566.4 KB
 "Vera's Journey, Where the River Flows, Annual Meeting"
Book Review of "Vera's Journey," by Viola Stahl
Overview of Vera's Journey book and life, by James O. Lehman
Review of Where the River Flows: Finding Faith in Rockingham County, VA, 1726-1876, by Jim Good
2009  SMH_Vol_16_No_3.pdf
548.8 KB
 "Weavers Mennonite Church and L. J. Heatwole," by James O. Lehman
"Weavers Church Passes its 100th Birthday as a House of Worship," by Lewis J. Heatwole, 1927
"A Public School at Weavers,?"
"L. J. Heatwole Era," by James O. Lehman
"Slaves Selling on Court Square Recalled," by L. J. Heatwole, 1920s
 2009 SMH_Vol_16_No_2.pdf
826.3 KB
 Focus on Augusta County Mennonites
"John Driver Martin, 1898-1983," by Ruth Yoder Martin
"Benjamin Frank Hatter: Mountain Pastor, 1891-1983," by Dennis Hatter
"The Two Jacob Hildebrands, the Church, and Journal Entries," by James O. Lehman
 2009 SMH_Vol_16_No_1.pdf
754.9 KB
"Tribute to the Seven Daughters of Timothy and Nancy Susan "Susie" Shipe Showalter,"
Review of George B. & Elizabeth Blosser Showalter Family Records, by James O. Lehman
"Tribute to Seven Sisters, Daughters of Timothy and Susie Showalter," by Lois B. Bowman
"It Takes a Long Time to Make a Virginian," reprint of an article by Grace Showalter, 1976
"John L. Stauffer on Worldliness," reprint from 1920
 2008 SMH_Vol_15_No_4.pdf
751.7 KB
 Featuring Timothy Showalter, Long-Time Virginia Mennonite Conference Northern District Deacon, Minister, Bishop, and Historian, 1887-1957
Timothy Showalter's Reminiscences of Many Preaching Points and Churches in Northern District
Abraham Shank, 1829-1901, a summary of his life from Bishop Timothy Showalter
Book review of Amish Soul on Ice, by Jim Good
2008 SMH_Vol_15_No_3.pdf
553.7 KB
 Highland Retreat Camp--Congratulations on Your 50th!
List of Known Places in Northern District that were Preaching Points at Times
"Tent Meetings Spawn Highland Retreat Campgrounds", by James L. Rush and James O. Lehman
Highland Retreat Tabernacle Develops and Fulfills Early Dreams
"50th Anniversary Celebrations at Highland Retreat, 2008" by Paul Beiler
2008 SMH_Vol_15_No_2.pdf
867.4 KB
 Focus on The Watchful Pilgrim, published 1881-1886
2008 Directory of Amish, Anabaptists, and Mennonites in Virginia, by James O. Lehman
"Visit to West Virginia," by Gabriel D. Heatwole, 1828-1922
 2008 SMH_Vol_15_No_1.pdf
732.3 KB
 "The Watchful Pilgrim and its Publisher, Abraham Blosser," by James O. Lehman
"The Anti-Sunday School Movement," by Abraham Blosser
"History of an Early Private School," by Timothy Showalter
 2007 SMH_Vol_14_No_4.pdf
0.7 M

"Of the Civil War and the Making of Books," by James O. Lehman
Book review of Mennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War, by James O. Lehman and Steven M. Nolt, reviewed by Al Keim
Lewis J. Heatwole's experience with the lot, by James O. Lehman
Review of Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley, Vol. IV, by James O. Lehman
2007  SMH_Vol_14_No_3.pdf
386.0 KB
 Virginia Mennonite Conference: History and Current Size, by James O. Lehman
Michael Shank Will, contributed by Willard Heatwole
Preview of forthcoming book on Civil War, Mennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War, by James O. Lehman and Steven M. Nolt
2007  SMH_Vol_14_No_2.pdf
926.6 KB
 "What does the Michael Shank Diary of 1898-1905 Reveal to Us?" by James O. Lehman
The Michael Shank Diary, 1898-1905
0.6 MB
The Deacon Activities of Frederick A. Rhodes in 1867, by James O. Lehman
John S. Coffman, Virginia Man, Becomes the Pioneer Mennonite Evangelist, by James O. Lehman
Middle District Baptismal Class of 1888
 2006 SMH_Vol_13_No_4.pdf
0.5 M

Early Virginia Mennonite History
Virginia Mennonites Build Meetinghouses, by James O. Lehman
The Schism of 1825, from an account by Margaret Burkholder
An Era of Spiritual Prosperity, the era of Peter and Martin Burkholder
Mennonite Congregations in Virginia and West Virginia in 1905
Virginia Conference District, 1905
Menno Round Table, by Ruth L. Burkholder
 2006 SMH_Vol_13_No_3.pdf
0.9 MB
Greenbrier County, West Virginia, Home of an Early Mennonite Community and Church where Mennonitism Failed to Survive, by James O. Lehman
Minister Isaac Kauffman and Family Move to Greenbrier County, Virginia, by James O. Lehman
Ann Coffman Wilson Hedrick
The Whangers
Peter Burkholder Proposal, by Tom Whanger and James O. Lehman
 2006 SMH_Vol_13_No_2.pdf
1.0 MB
Directory of Amish, Mennonite and Anabaptist Churches in the State of Virginia, by James O. Lehman
Book review of Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the American Civil War, by James O. Lehman
 2006 SMH_Vol_13_No_1.pdf
0.6 MB
Virginia Mennonites Engage in Civil Disobedience, James O. Lehman
Overview of Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley, Vol. III, by James O. Lehman
0.9 MB

The Coffmans at "Mannheim" on Wengers Mill Road and the Slave Trade, by James O. Lehman, 5 pages
 2005 SMH_Vol_12_No_3.pdf
0.7 MB
Information on location of Brennemans Church, 1826-1919
Profile of Virginia Conference Congregations, by Glendon Blosser and James O. Lehman
Page County Mennonites, by James O. Lehman
 2005 SMH_Vol_12_No_2.pdf
1.2 MB
 John M. Brenneman, by James O. Lehman
Abraham Brenneman: Ancestor to Many Who Influenced American Mennonite History, by James O. Lehman
 2005 SMH_Vol_12_No_1.pdf
0.5 MB
Civil War Mennonite Experiences at Edom, Greenmount, and Linville, by James O. Lehman
Dutch Mennonites Send Relief Money to Virginia Mennonites
0.7 MB
"Life of Peace in a time of War," review of a video about Civilian Public Service, by Albert N. Keim
Peace and Nonresistance during World War II, by James O. Lehman
Paul T. and Marjorie Guengerich and CPS during WWII, by James O. Lehman
Photo history of Lindale Mennonite Church
 2004 SMH_Vol_11_No_3.pdf
0.8 M

 VMRC, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, at 50 years
Mt. Vernon Mennonite Church, by Eugene K. Souder
Stephens City Mennonite Church, by Aldine Musser
Lynside Mennonite Church
Mennonites and Amish in Virginia, by James O. Lehman
 2004 SMH_Vol_11_No_2.pdf
0.7 M

1898: Brethren and Mennonite Relationships as Illustrated by Mennonite Deacon, Michael Shank and his Wife, Sarah Miller Shank, a Brethren Woman, by James O. Lehman
0.5 M

Review of Unionists and the Civil War, Volume I, by James O. Lehman
Civil War Poems by Michael Shank
John Rhodes claim
 2003 SMH_Vol_10_No_4.pdf
0.9 MB
The "Fence Corner Council" at Mole Hill, by James O. Lehman
Divorce and Remarriage, 1867
Ten Things Learned While Writing the History of Park View Mennonite Church, by Harold D. Lehman
2.0 MB
 Featuring Northern District
1949-1953 Photos of Church Buildings and Schoolhouses in Northern District
Snatches from Timothy Showalter's 1937 Diary
Lindale Church 1898, Built by Mennonties and Other Community Folks
 2003 SMH_Vol_10_No_2.pdf
0.8 MB
Mennonite Conscientious Objectors in Various Wars, by James O. Lehman
Christian Good Discharge from Confederate Army
Dwight Hartman Goes to CPS in World War II
 2003 SMH_Vol_10_No_1.pdf
0.5 M

Virginia Mennonites, Joseph Funk, Eastern Mennonite School and Racial Questions
Joseph Funk Letters
History of the Colored Mission of Harrisonburg, Virginia
 2002  SMH_Vol_9_No_4.pdf
0.6 MB
West Virginia Missions Outreach Tour, by Jay B. Landis
Transforming History into Legacy, by Phillip Stone
News from Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center, by Al Keim
Book review of Mennonite Tent Revivals: Howard Hammer and Myron Augsburger, 1952-1962, by Nate Yoder
 2002 SMH_Vol_9_No_3.pdf
606.2 KB
Virginia-West Virginia Mission Work (But not called "Missions" at that time!), by James O. Lehman
Mennonites Come to West Virginia, by James O. Lehman
Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center Report, by Al Keim
 2002  SMH_Vol_9_No_2.pdf
0.9 MB
Martin Burkholder, a Tribute by Peter S. Hartman, written in 1922
A Progressive Mennonite Bishop, by James O. Lehman
List of Martin Burkholder's Papers in Virginia Mennonite Conference Archives
 2002  SMH_Vol_9_No_1.pdf
1.0 MB
 100th Anniversary Harmonia Sacra Singing Weavers Mennonite Church, January 1, 2002, by Joseph C. Shenk, Pastor Weavers Church
Report on Harmonia Sacra singing, 1920, from Lewis J. Heatwole
Index for Shenandoah Mennonite Historian, 1994-2001
Walking the Path of Conscience in a Time of War, by Paul Souder
Turner's Mill Donated to Virginia Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center, by Al Keim
 2001  SMH_Vol_8_No_4.pdf
0.7 MB
Heritage Center for a Common People, by Paul Roth
Book Review of L. J. Heatwole, A Granddaughter's View, 2001, by Harold D. Lehman
The History of Park School, 1918-1967, by Harold D. Lehman
0.7 MB
A Progress Report from the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center Board, by Cal Redekop
A Historical Sketch of the Peake Mennonite Church, by Lloyd S. Horst
History of Zion Hill Mennonite Church, 1925-1969, by Patricia Heatwole
Martin's Store in Park View, by Ruth Burkholder Hartman
 2001  SMH_Vol_8_No_2.pdf
0.6 MB
Trissels Church Cemetery, by Eunice Geil Smith
Trissels Church, 1900 Building, by Daniel Showalter
 2001  SMH_Vol_8_No_1.pdf
0.5 MB
One Hundred Seventy-Five Years at the Pike, a talk from 1975, by David L. Burkholder
The Virginia Mennonite, by Grace Showalter, reprint from 1976
 2000  SMH_Vol_7_No_4.pdf
0.6 MB
Historians Tour Stuarts Draft Community, by Esther H. Eshleman
Fact Sheet about Amish at Stuarts Draft, by Elmer Schrock
Book review of The Business Manager's Daughter: Memories rooted inthe shadow of Eastern Mennonite School, by Virginia Weaver Driver, reviewed by Harold D. Lehman
 2000  SMH_Vol_7_No_3.pdf
414.7 KB
Larry Huffman to Speak at Annual Meeting
Peace Churches Faced Dilemma During the Revolutionary War, by Samuel L. Horst
 2000  SMH_Vol_7_No_2.pdf
0.6 MB
Progress Report on Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center, by Cal Redekop
A Century of Deaconesses in the Middle District of Virginia Conference, by Ruth K. Lehman
 2000  SMH_Vol_7_No_1.pdf
0.5 MB
The Germans in Virginia, Notes from Klaus Wust Lecture, September 25, 1999
Valley Brethren Mennonite Cultural Center Progress Report, by Cal Redekop
Lewis J. Heatwole, Astronomer and Almanac Maker, Part II, by Grace Suter Grove
 1999 SMH_Vol_6_No_4.pdf
1.0 MB
Klaus Wust reflects on 50 years of research
Lewis J. Heatwole, Astronomer and Almanac Maker, Part I, by Grace Suter Grove
Book Review of The Burning: Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley, by John L. Heatwole, reviewed by Samuel L. Horst
Book Review of Key to the Almanac and the Sidereal Heavens, 1908, by Lewis J. Heatwole, reviewed by Joseph H. Mast
History of the Pike Mennonite Church, by Herman L. Burkholder
 1999 SMH_Vol_6_No_3.pdf
0.6 MB
Klaus Wust to Speak at Annual Meeting
Page County Historical Tour Planned
Book Review of Disquiet in the Land, by Fred Kniss, reviewed by Harold Lehman
Stories of David Henry Burkholder (1852-1920), by Herman L. Burkholder
L. J. Heatwole as Weather Observer, by Grace Suter Grove
 1999 SMH_Vol_6_No_2.pdf
0.6 MB
The Life of Lewis J. Heatwole, by Grace Suter Grove, Park II
Book review of The Fire of Liberty in their Hearts: The Diary of Jacob E. Yoder of the Freedman's Bureau School, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1996, by Samuel L. Horst, reviewed by Edsel Burdge, Jr.
From Stringtown to Park View, by Harold D. Lehman
 1999  SMH_Vol_6_No_1.pdf
0.5 MB
Historians Launch Project to Build Center
The Life of Lewis J. Heatwole, from Mary E. Suter manuscript
The Sharon Manufacturing Company, by Ernest G. Gehman
Wenger-Weaver Vineyard, by Harold D. Lehman
 1998 SMH_Vol_5_No_4.pdf
0.5 MB
Morning View Mennonite Church History, by Sara E. Kreider
The Farmer's House on the site of the present EMU Seminary Building, by Ruth K. Lehman
Book Review of Lindale's Song, by James O. Lehman, by Al Keim
Stories about Abram Swartz (1838-1921), by Ruth L. Burkholder
 1998  SMH_Vol_5_No_3.pdf
0.5 MB
Lindale Church Celebrates Centennial, by James O. Lehman
Ridgeway Mennonite Church, by Jean Fisher
In the Army But Not of It, WWI experience of Aldine Brenneman, by Merna Shank
 1998  SMH_Vol_5_No_2.pdf
353.7 KB
Park View Mennonite Church: A Congregational History, by Harold D. Lehman
Book Review of Fifty Years in Northern District, by Linden Wenger, reviewed by Laban Peachey
 1998 SMH_Vol_5_No_1.pdf
312.4 KB
John W. Wayland (1872-1962), Educator, Valley Historian, Author
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Shenandoah Historians
Mennonite Heritage Center News
 1997  SMH Vol. 4, Number 4
 Not published
 1997  SMH Vol. 4, Number 3
 Not published
 1997 SMH_Vol_4_No_2.pdf
345.3 KB
Heritage Center Update, by Angela Showalter
Henry Rhodes (1748-1827), by Janet Shank
 1997  SMH_Vol_4_No_1.pdf
412.9 KB
Old Folks' Singings in the Valley
Heritage Center work Continues
Henry Funk (1730-181?), by Janet Shank
 1996  SMH_Vol_3_No_4.pdf
440.7 KB
Work Continues on Idea of Local Mennonite Heritage Center
Daniel Showalter (1738-1822), by Randy and Janet Shank
 1996 SMH_Vol_3_No_2-3.pdf
0.7 MB
 Annual Meeting to be Held at Hildebrand Mennonite Church
North American Mennonite Heritage Centers
Henry Shank (1758-1836), by Janet Shank
Heritage Center Task Force Wraps up Preliminary Study
Vision for Heritage/Information/Museum Center
Book Review of A Mennonite Journal, 1862-1865, edited by John R. Hildebrand, 1996, by James O. Lehman
 1996  SMH_Vol_3_No_1.pdf
391.8 KB
Summer Bus Tour Planned for Augusta County
Task Force to Look at Possibility of Heritage Center for the Valley
Joseph G. Wenger (1747-1812), by Janet Shank
435.2 KB
March Meeting to Highlight Life of John S. Coffman
Suggested Reading, by Randall Shank
David Heatwole (1767-1842), by Janet Shank
 1995  SMH_Vol_2_No_3.pdf
0.5 MB
Bishop Jacob Hildebrand Votes for Secession, Part II, by James O. Lehman
Shenandoah Valley Mennonites and the Civil War
 1995  SMH_Vol_2_No_2.pdf
0.6 MB
Bishop Jacob Hildebrand Votes for Secession, Part I, by James O. Lehman
Brennemans Mennonite Church, by Janet Shank
 1995  SMH_Vol_2_No_1.pdf
397.2 KB
Family Almanac a Favorite for 85 Years
Pike Mennonite Church, the Valley's Second Meetinghouse
Jacob Geil, 1746-1794, by Janet and Randall Shank
 1994 SMH_Vol_1_No_4.pdf
392.8 KB
Trissels Mennonite Church
Abraham Brenneman, 1744-1815, by Janet and Randall Shank
 1994  SMH_Vol_1_No_3.pdf
369.6 KB
Annual Meeting to Feature CPS Work
Brubaker Family Escapes Indians
Abraham Strickler, by Janet and Randall Shank
 1994 SMH_Vol_1_No_2.pdf
402.8 KB
Mennonite Settlers Come to Page County
Martin Kauffman, Sr., by Randall and Janet Shank
 1994 SMH_Vol_1_No_1.pdf
455.5 KB
New Historical Organization Formed
Blosser Publishes "Watchful Pilgrim"
Preserving Photographs
Peter Burkholder, Jr., 1783-1846
  Editors of Historian
Randall and Janet Shank, 1994-1997
Harold D. and Ruth K. Lehman, 1998-2001
James O. Lehman, 2002-2013
Elwood E. Yoder, 2014-
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